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Structural engineering

This a branch typically dealing with the construction of heavy and light current systems, and the corresponding auxiliary activities.



Within the framework of the “Budapest tram and trolleybus fleet improvement – Phase I” project our task was the execution and supplementary planning and design of the Budafok depot improvement. The tram depot in Budafok was completely renovated in the project, and now it satisfies the most modern requirements of the 21st century. The building is located at Budapest XI. Fehérvári út 245-247 where apart from the new landscape lighting at the overhead power lines other tram stops have also been refurbished.

In figures:

  • Quantity of installed powerlines: 5 km
  • Protective piping installation: 18 km
  • Quantity of the installed light and heavy current cables: 18 km

Our task in the project was the execution of the soil stabilisation of the preparatory earthworks under the bodywork plant to be developed, including laying the electrical, lightning protection and other protective piping.

In figures:

  • Protective piping installation total: 25 km
  • Laid earthing wire total: 40 km
Székesfehérvár - Sóstó Stadion

After the demolition of the former Sóstó Stadium a new football stadium, its service facilities and a car park were developed in consideration of the requirements of the international football associations (UEFA category IV compliant). The Székesfehérvár Sóstó Conservation Area and the boating lake at the amusement park, as well as the direct surroundings, were also regenerated. It was also part of the project to save and ecologically rehabilitate the Sóstó observation point and the area of more than 200 hectares that enjoys local and national protection. Within the framework of the project our company executed the installation of the complete electrical system, the lighting of the sport facilities and the decorative lighting, the automatic fire alarm system, and the IT and CCTV camera system.

In figures:

  • Quantity of installed powerlines: 5 km
  • Protective piping installation total: 18 km
  • Quantity of the installed light and heavy current cables: 18 km


Wing (K+F)

Our company executed the construction works of the “A” category RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE at Budapest XI. kerület, Magyar Tudósok körútja 11., which has an area of ca. gross 41,845 sqm and it received LEED Gold certification.

Our company installed a complete light current fire alarm system and network in the course of project implementation, including the necessary protective piping, cabling, the standard sensors, manual indicators and audible signal devices, intelligent, analogue addressable fire alarm control panels, with programming, graphical display, secondary display, auxiliary feeders, with a 72 hours battery. The following works were also executed as part of the project:

  • Access control system installation
  • Security system installation,
  • Sound reinforcement system installation,
  • CCTV system installation,
  • Intercom system installation,
  • CO + NO2 system installation,
  • Protective piping installation total: 187,000 m
  • Quantity of the installed light and heavy current cables: 188,503 m

The task of our company was the complete protective piping, cabling, fit-out, lightning protection of electrical installations for buildings „A”, „B”, „C”, „D”, „E” of the National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre, and for the development of the newly erected building, and the execution of the construction/assembly works of the outdoor heavy current electrical installations.

In figures:

  • Protective piping installation total: 29,328 m
  • Quantity of the installed light and heavy current cables: 111,821 m
Eiffel project

Execution of main contractor works for the development of the new art studios and rehearsal centre of the Hungarian State Opera House and the Erkel Theatre. These works included the public utility (4, 5, 6) heavy current installations of building “A”, and the light current and lightning protection (on the roof) works of building “A’’, and the electrical installations of the light current and heavy current systems in building D27, and the lightning protection works on the roof.

Sub-tasks as follows were implemented in the course of the project:

  • Light current system delivery and installation, such as the fire alarm system,
  • CCTV system,
  • security system (Premier intrusion detection);
  • Anteus access control system,
  • AMP structured (telephone and IT) network, the delivery and installation of heavy current systems
  • Lightning protection above the eaves,
  • Uninterrupted UPS devices for building “D”,
  • Lightning protection, interception system, on the roof of building “D”,
  • Protective piping installation: 17,567 m
  • Quantity of the installed light and heavy current cables: 19,342 m



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