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Railway construction 

Belfry PE covers four sectors, amongst these the railway business generates the largest revenue. It participates in substantial projects in Hungary.  The company has to overcome considerable and complex challenges, for instance the refurbishment of underground line no. 3, where subcontractors of different profiles has to be coordinated and managed. The Tram-Train is another example where such technical expectations has to be met which are rare, even in Europe. The railway and tram traffic have to be aligned with the construction process. It means that the safe cooperation has to be worked out and ensured in consideration of different standards.



Railway line no. 2 – Rákosrendező station – Esztergom station overhead line development. The complete refurbishment of the Rákosrendező – Újpest station and Esztergom station, the development of the intermodal hubs in Dorog and Esztergom, and the reconstruction of the connecting road network.

The Strabag-Belfry consortium executed the following works in accordance with the contractual terms:

  • Esztergom station: Development of the arrival tracks for freight trains. Removal of the lead tracks in the passenger station area, installation of buffers, the reconstruction of the rail network, partially on-site.
  • Refurbishment of the station building of Esztergom station: Refurbishment of the station building in accordance with the design plans attached as part of volume 5. Platform roof installation between tracks II and IV. Signalling control building development. Partial installation of the underground cables.
  • Relocation of the bus station to next to the train station in Esztergom.
  • Road works, installation of the platform roof and development of the new station building of the Volán bus station. Warehouse building and a new passenger building development.
  • Removal of the former arrival tracks and sidings behind the station building at Dorog station, landscaping for the development of the planned interchange hub. Entrance road and bus stop construction at Dorog station, refurbishment of the station building.
  • Reconstruction of the chord line of Mészkőhegy, connecting it to the primary track at section 376+00.
  • Angyalföld station: the installation of the stair handrails and the construction of the underpass providing direct access from the wide passenger platforms to be built and the BKV stops, and the execution of the refurbishment/demolition works of the rails concerned with electrification. Partial installation of the underground cables.
  • Construction of track no. 2 between Angyalföld – Újpest: Construction of the new track (no. 2) at Újpest station, connecting it to the set of points installed in the earlier phase. Partial refurbishment of the Újpest station platform, the installation of 2 elevators. The technical specifications will be implemented within the framework of a separate Subsidy Agreement, therefore issuing separate invoices is necessary.


In figures:

  • track construction in the length of 12.5 km,
  • 51 km of overhead line installation,
  • Refurbishment of 2 stations and
  • 1 stop



Tram-train track construction with stops and stations in Hódmezővásárhely (Népkert stop – Ady Endre út – Tóalj u. – Szőnyi u. – Andrássy u. – Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. – Nagyállomás).  Development of a track at Szeged Rókus train station, connecting it to tram line no. 1.

Implementation within the framework of the agreement:

  • 5.2 km of track construction,
  • 3.7 km of overhead line installation,
  • Development of 5 stops and
  • 2 stations.


The STRABAG – BELFRY consortium executes / implements the following main tasks for the development of the electrified track:

Hódmezővásárhely public railway works:

  • Preparation of the entire contract documentation in accordance with the approved planning application drawings (part of the Proposal).
  • Set of points installations and track construction works at the locations (at different times) separated in the organisational plan, including dewatering.
  • Power source installation (inverter, DC grid, power return)
  • Overhead line installation, including overhead line poles
  • Installation of automatic block signalling equipment, switch point heating
  • Accessible passenger platform development
  • Construction of structures / retaining walls
  • Passenger information system installation
  • Execution of all other professional works
  • Road and traffic engineering works, including new intersections with roundabouts, dewatering
  • Alteration / development of intersections with traffic lights
  • P+R car park development at 2 locations (51+40)
  • B+P parking (bicycles) development at 6 locations
  • (80+60+20+20+80+60+60+20+120+80 pcs of racks / stands)
  • Public utility development, utility relocations
  • Landscape architecture works
  • Building and demolishing temporary buildings necessary for the development.


Szeged Rókus public railway works:

  • Preparation of the entire contract documentation in accordance with the approved planning application drawings.
  • Removal of tracks, set of points and other equipment in the SZKT and MÁV area
  • Alterations due to different wheel profile in the operational section of SZKT
  • Installation of four groups of Ph set of points connecting to the balloon loop (track layout modification)
  • Installation of the groups of Ph track crossing
  • Construction of a crushed stone, reinforced concrete base structure
  • B54 XIII system set of points installation
  • Construction of 54 profile reinforced concrete base MÁV track
  • Alteration (construction) of 4 road crossings with road connection
  • Construction of the new passenger platforms with complete “installation” in consideration of equal opportunities
  • Construction of three temporary platforms
  • Overhead line installation/alteration in the balloon loop area
  • Landscape lighting alteration (including MÁV areas)
  • Fencing installation
  • Underground cabling installation
  • Set of points installation
  • Traffic engineering
  • Utility relocation (alteration)
  • Paving
  • Gardening works (next to the new platforms and in the concerned areas)



Rákos – Gödöllő railway project: Complete reconstruction of the Rákos station – Gödöllő station line section of railway line 80a. Thanks to the works the line will be suitable for higher track speed and axle load, and the capacity of the line section will also increase. Accessible environment will be created at multiple stops, the landscape lighting will be developed and the overhead lines will be replaced at many line sections.

  • Alteration of 5 stops,
  • Refurbishment, modernisation of Pécel and Isaszeg stations,
  • Construction of 4 overpasses,
  • 52.2 km of track and 61.8 km of overhead line refurbishment

Within the scope of the agreement we executed the tasks as follows:

Overhead power line

Complete redesign and reconstruction of the existing system
Refurbishment of the station switchyard
Phase separation alteration, new phase separation development

Traction current supply Design and construction of new electrical substation for haulage, in the rural area of Gödöllő, in the neighbourhood of the existing ELMÜ site. Installation of outgoing feeder and power return cables between the line and the substation, including all corresponding professional works.
Overhead line remote control, remote controlling of section switches

New local remote control equipment installation in the switchyards.
Installation of new equipment with the option of integration to the FET (overhead line power remote control) system.

 Power supply Increasing the existing power supply by the replacement of the feeding cables and main electrical cabinets. Development of new power feed on 1 site
Landscape lighting Development of new landscape lighting in the operational areas of the railway, on the platforms, under the platform roofs, in the underpasses, and in the loading areas.
Switch point heating power supply Overhead line pylon transformers provide the power supply for the switch point heating at all stations and switches.
Switch point heating

Rákosliget station New switch point heating installation at Pécel and Isaszeg stations.
Fit-out of the workstation for the operation of the switch point heating in the traffic management offices. Implementation of switch point heating remote monitoring and remote control from the switch point heating central office of Budapest Keleti railway station. Contractor “C” will install the remote control and remote monitoring.

Underground cabling Installation of new underground cabling at the stops, set of points and two stations. In accordance with the design plans the underground cabling includes “4” pipes for GSM-R and 2 pipes for ETCS-2. The cables on the open track sections are laid by Contractor “C”. The preparation of the feed through of the track / public road crossings on the open track, and of the structures, belong to the underground cabling.  


M3 Metró Project

Complete professional execution of the electrical refurbishment works of the stations (Dózsa György út, Árpád híd, Gyöngyösi utca, Újpest Városkapu, Újpest Központ) of the Northern line section subjected to the reconstruction of the M3 underground line in Budapest. Manufacturing and shipping of electric distribution boards and light fittings of Forgách utca station.

  • In the course of the project the removal of the existing electric systems and the installation of the new wire and cable holding system took place. The tunnel wire and cable holding system at the ends of the stations were connected to the wire and cable holding system in the inverter within the station, without connecting the cable ends.
  • Cabling, wiring the electric works in accordance with the contract documentation. Installation of main line grid, power transmission system, lighting system, direct cabling system. In case of other mechanical systems the connection point by replacing the receiving terminal strips at the mechanical control cabinet. Direct cabling starting from the individual mechanical distribution boards to the PLC, fire alarm system, fire brigade control board, ÁDI table, telecommunication assembly room, etc.
  • Fireproof closure of through wall pipes, application of fireproof coating against fire propagation, preparing wall openings, installation and sealing of PV feed throughs.
  • Installation of equipotential bonding grid and earthing in accordance with the contract documentation.
  • Providing protection to the existing infocommunication networks in the station areas, relocation if necessary.
  • Examination of the existing, remaining cables, measurements with methods in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations, preparation of measurement protocol.
  • Distribution equipment manufacturing in accordance with the contract documentation.
  • Delivery of light fittings.
  • Electrical system installation, cooperation in the trial run and in the integrated trial run.
  • Quantity of installed protective pipes, cable tray: 88,638 m.
  • Quantity of the installed light and heavy current cables: 94,372 m





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