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Road construction, Rail infrastructure developments, Infocommunication systems, structural engineering

“Belfry PE covers four sectors, amongst these the railway business generates the largest revenue. It participates in substantial projects in Hungary.  The company has to overcome considerable and complex challenges, for instance the refurbishment of underground line no. 3, where subcontractors of different profiles has to be coordinated and managed. The Tram-Train is another example where such technical expectations has to be met which are rare, even in Europe. The railway and tram traffic have to be aligned with the construction process. It means that the safe cooperation has to be worked out and ensured in consideration of different standards.”


Acting as a main contractor in the implementation of railway construction projects; development/refurbishment of signalling control units and MÁV telecommunication facilities as a consortium member; construction of an overhead line substation and an inverter; replacement/installation of water pipes, eaves, sewerage, replacement/installation of light and medium-voltage systems, street lighting, replacement/installation of gas piping, planting.


The word “infocommunication” is collectively used for the operation of complex motorway IT systems, which includes sub-systems as follows:

  • Meteorological and traffic counting sub-system,
  • traffic monitoring CCTV system,
  • displays informing on current traffic conditions, roadside emergency stations, optical backbone network,
  • transmission devices and the monitoring centre of sub-systems.

The infocommunication system branch of Belfry PE Kft. is responsible for system design and implementation, the installation of individual sub-systems, and system integration, delivered countrywide to its partners.


The road and public utility branch of Belfry PE is involved primarily in national public road project implementations and in the construction and reconstruction of roads in the maintenance of municipalities.

The main profile of our branch is the execution of utility relocations, the construction of traffic engineering and life safety facilities, which we always realise in accordance with the requirements of the concerned Operators, Service providers and Clients, and in compliance with the technical regulations and standards. A great amount of professional know-how and experience is necessary to manage and fulfil these requirements, and our colleagues possess these and can use and utilise them perfectly in the course of their work.


The structural engineering branch of Belfry PE Kft. typically deals with the construction of heavy and light current systems, and the corresponding auxiliary activities.



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