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Asphalt manufacturing

​Asphalt manufacturing

​Belfry MS Kft. (with its predecessor, Belfry Aszfalt Kft.) has been in the business since 2015 in the western part of the country, it has a Benninghoven TBA 4000 UC asphalt mixer with 240 t/hour capacity in the rural area of Csorna.

Our main business is asphalt manufacturing, which requires substantial know-how.


Recently, we have been participating in several projects:

M85 Győr - Csorna

The Strabag and Belfry PE consortium builds the 20.5 km section of the M85 between Csorna-Fertőendréd. The development is part of the Győr M1 – Sopron expressway, which may multiply the economic strength of the region.

M15 motorway

The M15 motorway is built between the M1 motorway and the Rajka border crossing section by Strabag, in 14.5 km length. After the road will have been built, the Budapest-Bratislava-Prague motorway will be complete.

Our primary task is to supply these projects with asphalt. In accordance with the feedbacks from our partners, we are proud to say that we comply with the requirements to a maximum level, which helps us in gaining strength for the achievement of our further objectives.



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