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Belfry CC with its activities has just recently become a member of the Belfry group of companies, but it has started its business development very quickly. There is substantial professional experience behind the activity of this branch, which covers a special but very important area of road construction. It is not a task to underestimate that the roads must be able to adapt to weather changes. The roads respond differently in cold or hot weather, and it is to be supported by technical solutions. Furthermore, the company wants to include the road surface marking business to its portfolio. This is a developing business which aims to keep up with the challenges that come with road maintenance works, in order to promote road safety.


Road roughening of the concrete track surfaces of the tunnels on M6/M60 motorway

Belfry CC Kft. executed interventions that improved the skid resistance values of the concrete track surface, in 2.50 metres width in terms of the individual lanes, of the concrete surfaces of the tunnels of the road sections of the M6/M60 motorway between Szekszárd-Bóly-Pécs, as indicated by the Principal, MAK Mecsek Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. The traffic diversion required for the execution of the work was taken care of by MAÜ Mecsek Autópálya-Üzemeltető Zrt. The work was possible only during off-peak times as stipulated in the concession agreement with the Principal, MAK Mecsek Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. The aim of the road roughening was to achieve that every 20 m section subject to the intervention will reach at least 0.60 value in terms of measured skid resistance (measured in accordance with the “e-UT 09.02.23 road surface skid resistance test. Measurement with SCRIM road survey vehicle”). The qualitative measurement for the road roughening with shot peening technology showed a skid resistance value between 0.60 – 0.81.

Quantity: 17,000 sqm


Recovery of the longitudinal joint between the concrete track surface and the concrete trench drain of the tunnels of the section between Szekszárd-Bóly-Pécs of M6/M60 motorway

As part of the 2018 annual major maintenance, Belfry CC Kft. executed the replacement of the gap filling of the longitudinal joint tie bar in a width of 10-25 mm between the concrete track surface and the concrete trench drain, at the locations designated by the Principal, Bitu-Joint Kft., on the right and left side tracks of the tunnels (tunnels A, B, C and D) of the Szekszárd-Bóly-Pécs section of the M6/M60 motorway. Part of the task was the cleaning of the longitudinal joint tie bar by ploughing, sweeping, and a clean cutting on the side walls of the gap chamber if necessary. Afterwards, the sealer tape was placed on the bottom of the gap chamber in order to prevent the three-sided adhesion and leakage of the filler material. The task also included the joint priming that provided better adhesion of the filler material to the side walls of the gap chamber, and the filling of the gap chamber with warm, bitumen-based filler material.

Quantity: 4,000 m



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