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Belfry PE started its operation on the Hungarian market in 2009, as a power network engineering company. Since the foundation, besides establishing, installing and qualifying optical cable network systems, we are installing cable infrastructure networks, and also performing significant civil engineering activities. The headquarter is in Budapest but we also have a site in Szolnok. The main activity of Belfry PE is the construction of electrical and communication public utilities. Besides this, we have a strong emphasis on engineering activities and technical consultancy. We participate in road, highway and railway constructions as well. The revenue of our company has steadily increased despite of the recession of the Hungarian construction industry that was years after our foundation. According to our plans, we can continue growing dynamically in 2016 and in the subsequent years, too. As consortium partners, we work together with companies like the MVM and STRABAG groups that are determining characters of the Hungarian construction market. Our craftsmanship and experiences enable us to be successful in the international market.

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Belfry Kft.

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